Organised sport as an „engine of integration“

Sport is a popular leisure activity that is easily accessible and lets people connect at a low-threshold level. Organised sport in particular offers opportunities for social integration in addition to purely sporting ones.

By joint action and integrating oneself in the sports club, people need and acquire diverse intercultural skills. The StadtSportVerband Marl e. V. supports the project „Integration through Sport“ in society with the help of:

• sustainable structural work
• promotion and advice to sports clubs
• information and communication concerning this topic
• training and advice for employees in
integration and refugee work

Anybody interested in sports in a club, is welcome to contact the
StadtSportVerband Marl e. V.

About the city of Marl

With around 87,500 inhabitants, Marl is the second largest city in Kreis Recklinghausen in the Münster district. Over a fifth of all citizens are organised in sport, which shows the importance of sport within the city.

Marl offers a wide range of cultural and sporting offers. Numerous clubs make it possible to get involved in almost any sport.

Information about
club sports

Club sports offer the possibility of participation, connection and community. In addition to the shared exercise, it is also club life that strengthens the feeling of belonging together. When integrating immigrants, sport can help them get in touch with other people.

To do sports together reduces fear of contact and often leads to getting to know each other and getting together even outside the sport clubs. You can also easily learn the German language.

A sports club offers people the opportunity to practice the sport of their choice. Only sports clubs have access to sports areas (e.g. football fields, gyms, baths, changing rooms / showers) and sports equipment (e.g. table tennis tables or fencing equipment).

In addition, a sports club provides trained sports instructors in various fields. Organisationally, it is the interface for participation in competitions in tournaments or leagues.

In order to be able to play sports in the club, you have to become a club member, which is associated with a small, regular membership fee. The price of membership fees is very fair; the clubs are legally obliged to maintain a fair price.

The abbreviation “e. V.” is put behind the name of the sports clubs and also the name of the Stadt- or LandesSportBund. The „e. V.“ stands for „registered association“ and has legal meaning: An „e. V.“ must be registered in the index of associations of the relevant local court and recognised as a non-profit by the tax office and must not generate any economic profits.

The relevant questions

There are a lot of different ways to get into sports. Sport has countless possibilities and is able to reach everyone – from competitive to recreational athletes, from children to the elderly, from fit to those recovering from illness.

The StadtSportVerband Marl e. V. wants to reach all people, especially those who have not been or are not physically active.

Everyone can evolve individually in and through sport according to their needs – health and motor skills, both on a personal level or in the community with others.

The sports clubs in particular offer community and bring people together. Organised sport conveys values and passes them on, particularly through its contribution to the education of children and young people. Fairness, team spirit, equal opportunities, tolerance and respect are also transported in sport.

A sports club offers much more than just sports: a sports club is not just the place where sports are practiced. Rather, it is also a social entity.

People meet other people who are similarly interested in sport and get to practice it together, to work out, to take part in competitions, to teach others as trainers  or to take on a task in the club.

A sports club is often like a large family with many pleasant interactions that often result in close friendships.

Before joining a sports club, you can of course see whether you like the club or not. Many sports clubs allow so-called trial periods or trial training.

You can try out whether the club‘s offer is fun, if you get along well with the other club members, whether the training and the coaches suit you or if the sports facilities, sports equipment, the changing rooms and sanitary rooms are as you’d like them to be.

Whoever joins an „e.V.“ starts a contract with the association as a member. Minors under the age of 18 who want to join an association must be represented by their legal guardians, unless there is a urgent exception. Membership in an „e.V.“ is non-transferable and non-inheritable.

By joining the „e.V.“, the new member becomes the holder of rights and obligations. These result either from the statutes or, for example, from usage regulations, which are often issued by sports clubs.

In addition, the new club member undertakes to fulfill the membership fees.

Many clubs offer trial sessions in which you can take part up to three times free of charge. Thereafter, participation in the club offer will be subject to a charge. 

For children and young people who themselves or their parents receive benefits under the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (AsylbLG), it is possible to claim subsidies for membership in a sports club. The necessary application must be submitted to the job center or the city of Marl.

If you would like to find out more about subsidising membership fees, you can contact the following officials:

In the event of entitlement to asylum benefits, child benefit surcharge, housing benefit, basic security in old age or in the event of reduced earning capacity:

Frau Pfennig Tel. 02365/99-2388

Frau Krasowski Tel. 02365/99-2494


If you are entitled to unemployment benefit II or social benefits:

Frau WittmannTel. 02365/95397-678                                                                                                                                

Herr SchwarzbäckerTel. 02365/95397-756                                                                                                     

Frau KasperTel. 02365/95397-755                                                                                                               

Frau BußmannTel. 02365/95397-749                                                                                              

E-Mail: und

Anyone who is participating in the sports club is covered by both accident and liability insurance. This also applies to asylum seekers and refugees who are properly registered in the association. For refugees and asylum seekers, special sports insurance through the Sporthilfe Nordrhein-Westfalen applies in the sports club. Insurance coverage includes both active sports and participation in other events organized by the association. In the event of an injury resulting from the association‘s activities, the statutory or private health insurance covers the treatment costs of the injured person. According to the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz, this also applies to refugees.

Can refugees take part in competitions, games and trips abroad?

The residence obligation applies in the first three months after arrival in Germany: asylum seekers are not allowed to leave the district of the Immigration Office and tolerated foreigners have to stay in Nordrhein-Westfalen. For trips abroad, you can apply for a „Verlassenserlaubnis“ (permit of leave) from the immigration office. After this time, the person can move freely throughout Germany. Tolerated persons must ask the authorities for permission before traveling abroad. Otherwise your approval will expire. Refugees must take into account the visa requirements of the target country, which may be different than for German nationals. Unaccompanied minor refugees are under the care of a guardian (this is usually the Jugendamt (youth welfare office). Appropriate permission must be obtained from the driver before the journey.

Further useful information and answers to frequently asked questions on legal, tax and insurance law aspects can be found in the brochure „Flüchtlinge im Sportverein  – wie soll ich mich verhalten? (Refugees in a sports club – how should I behave?)“ from the Landessportbund Nordrhein-Westfalen. The brochure is available at the office of the StadtSportVerbandes Marl e. V..

Basically, participation in sport is possible without any problems. If refugees already know which sport offers they want to use, just drop by the club or call the club beforehand. Many associations have an integration officer. Refugees can find the contact information in the club details. If you have any questions, you can also contact the StadtSportVerband Marl in addition to the designated contact persons.

How can you get involved in the club or become a coach?

Unpaid participation in clubs or associations is permitted to asylum seekers and recognised refugees without the approval of the immigration office. In this context, refugees are insured through Sporthilfe NRW e. V.

Associations must apply for an “Beschäftigungserlaubnis (employment permit)” from the immigration office for expense allowances, such as those agreed in the context of a paid instructor contract. In the first 15 months of the stay, however, such compensation is counted towards the benefits under the AsylbLG. Subsequently, this only applies to payments of more than 2.400 euros per year.

The LandesSportbund NRW regularly offers training courses for refugees in sport to become a coach or excersise leader. Those interested can find more information on the website

The sports guide 2020

Download now! Our sports guide “Integration through sport in Marl” is now available for download. All information about the sports offer, clubs in Marl and integration support including all contact details.

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