Organised sport as an „engine of integration“

Sport is a popular leisure activity that is easily accessible and lets people connect at a low-threshold level. Organised sport in particular offers opportunities for social integration in addition to purely sporting ones.

By joint action and integrating oneself in the sports club, people need and acquire diverse intercultural skills. The StadtSportVerband Marl e. V. supports the project „Integration through Sport“ in society with the help of:

• sustainable structural work
• promotion and advice to sports clubs
• information and communication concerning this topic
• training and advice for employees in
integration and refugee work

Anybody interested in sports in a club, is welcome to contact the
StadtSportVerband Marl e. V.

About the city of Marl

With around 87,500 inhabitants, Marl is the second largest city in Kreis Recklinghausen in the Münster district. Over a fifth of all citizens are organised in sport, which shows the importance of sport within the city.

Marl offers a wide range of cultural and sporting offers. Numerous clubs make it possible to get involved in almost any sport.

Information about
club sports

Club sports offer the possibility of participation, connection and community. In addition to the shared exercise, it is also club life that strengthens the feeling of belonging together. When integrating immigrants, sport can help them get in touch with other people.

To do sports together reduces fear of contact and often leads to getting to know each other and getting together even outside the sport clubs. You can also easily learn the German language.

A sports club offers people the opportunity to practice the sport of their choice. Only sports clubs have access to sports areas (e.g. football fields, gyms, baths, changing rooms / showers) and sports equipment (e.g. table tennis tables or fencing equipment).

In addition, a sports club provides trained sports instructors in various fields. Organisationally, it is the interface for participation in competitions in tournaments or leagues.

In order to be able to play sports in the club, you have to become a club member, which is associated with a small, regular membership fee. The price of membership fees is very fair; the clubs are legally obliged to maintain a fair price.

The abbreviation “e. V.” is put behind the name of the sports clubs and also the name of the Stadt- or LandesSportBund. The „e. V.“ stands for „registered association“ and has legal meaning: An „e. V.“ must be registered in the index of associations of the relevant local court and recognised as a non-profit by the tax office and must not generate any economic profits.

The relevant questions

The sports guide 2020

Download now! Our sports guide “Integration through sport in Marl” is now available for download. All information about the sports offer, clubs in Marl and integration support including all contact details.

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