About us

The StadtSportVerband Marl e. V. created this website as part of the sports program in Marl and the “Integration through Sport” program. The sports guide should also make it easier for refugees and people with a migration background to find their way into sports and to the sports clubs in Marl. This website is intended to offer all those who have had little or no contact with organized sport in Marl, an overview of club sport.

The StadtSportVerband Marl e. V. is the umbrella organization for organized sport in the city of Marl. It represents the interests of its members in sport-political matters at the city level and beyond.

The StadtSportVerband Marl e. V. actively participates in municipal committees and working groups. The StadtSportVerband Marl e. V. currently have 67 sports clubs with around 18,000 members. This website provides all the essential information about organized club sports in Marl.

Anybody interested can find out:

• which sports clubs offer which sports,

• how to contact the clubs and

• how participation in sport becomes possible.

Central is the overview of the sports offers in Marl. The clubs are listed in alphabetical order. Those interested can find an overview of the contact persons in the clubs on the respective club website.

The StadtSportVerband Marl e. V. offers a short summary of the content on this website in several languages. The sports offers are shown with the help of pictograms. You can find a multilingual legend of the pictograms here.

Do you have any questions about sports in Marl?